2010 ARBA Convention Jersey Wooly Best of Breed & Group 4 Youth Winner 2012 ARBA Convention Jersey Wooly BOSG Self  Winner
2013 ARBA Convention Jersey Wooly Agouti BOG & BOSG and Broken BOSG Winner and Polish Chocolate BOV Winner
2014 ARBA Convention Jersey Wooly Broken Best Opposite of Breed and Agouti BOG  Winner


Show Quality
Jersey Wooly Rabbits
& Polish Rabbits For Sale located in Southeastern Michigan in Macomb County

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Rabbits For Sale ~

We are located in Macomb County
in Southeastern Michigan.

We will gladly deliver any For Sale Rabbits to at any shows we attend.
We will only hold a rabbit for you if a 50% non-refundable deposit is received.

If you are looking for a Jersey Wooly breeder in your area, please visit
www.njwrc.net and look under Breeder's Emails for a listing by state.

If you are looking for a Polish breeder in your area, please visit
 www.americanpolishrabbitclub.com and look under Member's Directory for a listing by state.

Thank you for choosing a rabbit from Thistledown Farm! We breed show quality Jersey Wooly & Polish Rabbits.

All rabbit sales at Thistledown Farm Rabbitry are strictly held to the following sales policy and guarantee. Thistledown Farm Rabbitry has the right to refuse any sale. All sales are final, and we cannot refund money, or take back a rabbit for any reason.

Thistledown Farm guarantees that all rabbits will be free from disease at time of sale and that each rabbit will be appropriately typed.  Please visit our Honesty Policy for more information.

We just started our fall breedings for spring National rabbits.  We will be attending the Ohio Mini Convention in May and planning on having For Sale Rabbits for delivery at that show.


~ Jersey Wooly Rabbits For Sale ~


~ Polish Rabbits For Sale ~


If you are looking for something, please feel free to contact us.
Please email Anne at

or call/text at 586-337-2771.
if you are interested in any of our Rabbits For Sale.

If paying through PayPal a 2.9% + .30¢ fee will be charged.
Thistledown Farm Rabbitry reserves the right to refuse sale to anyone for any reason.


Show Quality Jersey Wooly Rabbits & Polish Rabbits For Sale in Michigan

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